Clinic In La Fe And English In Armenia

Monday was a busy day for the Pettengill family. Erin was hosting a medical clinic in the community of La Fe with our teammates Mike T. and Ashley and Mike was in Armenia Bonito teaching an English class.

IMG_3202Sunday night and Monday morning La Ceiba experienced very heavy rains. Usually our clinics in La Fe our under a tent on the community’s soccer field. This clinic was moved under the shelter of an abandoned building that had a roof, but no walls. Both Erin and Dr. Roger treated patients. We continue to implement a new patient numbering system. It is slow and burdensome, but eventually it will make our work much more efficient.

Erin lanced a huge cyst on the leg of young boy. They also saw lots of cases of flu, a severe case of pneumonia and lots of cases of malnutrition and parasites.

IMG_3205At the same time Mike taught an English class in Armenia Bonito. This class included the hardest topic the class has learned. Mike taught verb tenses. The class looked at future (I will talk), present (they are eating) and past (you worked) of regular verbs. The entire lesson was focused only on the six regular verbs: talk, walk, cook, play, work, learn and box. This was a difficult and frustrating class for many.

Usually the students learns three subjects per two-hour class. This class was focused only on verb tenses, and still only 1/3rd of the class grasped the difficult concept. During the oral exams most students had great difficult with the concepts and showed frustration.

It is a pleasure to be able to show mercy and serve people in so many different ways.