Book Review: The Hole in Our Holiness

holinessKevin DeYoung is the Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. He has been the pastor there since 2004. This is the tenth book authored or co-authored by DeYoung.

DeYoung’s book explores the Christian pursuit of holiness. He does a wonderful job of showing how and why all Christians should be active seekers of godliness. The author does a wonderful job of explaining that moving toward holiness in not a form of works-based legalism, but instead the natural joyful reaction to the grace and mercy given us by God. A husband does not buy flowers for his wife because she demands it or because someone convinced him it is the correct thing to do. A husband buys flowers for his wife to provide a tangible reminder of his love. In the same way, followers of Christ are to seek personal holiness and experience the transforming joy as a natural extension of their love for Jesus.

DeYoung tells us that faith and good works are both necessary. One is the root and the other the fruit. No matter what we profess, if we show disregard for Christ by giving ourselves over to sin – impenitently and habitually – then heaven is not our home. When God gives us commands, he means to help us run the race to completion, not to slow us down.

At the core of DeYoung’s tome is the Gospel. This book is not an easy read for Christians content in their worldliness. DeYoung’s book is for those who are prepared to take their holiness more seriously. The meaning of the book is fitting and within reach for all Christians. It will challenge believers who live lives no different than their unbelieving friends. It will also encourage believers who are striving to glorify God. Often we are full of passion for worship or teaching, yet we are not willing to let them change us.

This little book is full of biblical truth and analyses that is sure to convict any Christian reader. There is no guilt within; simply an explanation as to why we should become the Christians God intended us to be.