Rapidly Growing StreetChild Ministry

IMG_3260A little over a year ago our teammate Kate started our StreetChild ministry to the homeless and transient kids of La Ceiba. Kate began by driving around and talking to the kids living on the streets. Back then she was just some odd Gringa trying to build relationships. Oh man, how this ministry has changed. Now, called the Peter Project, our StreetChild ministry is so much more.

IMG_3245On Monday we hired Roberto to join our ever-growing StreetChild ministry. He will minister to the kids on a daily basis and he will administer the scholarship and tutoring program to help get some of the kids through school. Roberto, Hector and Elsa now make three Honduran nationals who are working daily with Kate to serve these kids.

What used to be a ministry run out of the back of Kate’s track now has structure. Five days a week we run a drop-in center for the homeless boys. Tuesday was a typical day with 11 boys coming off the streets to hang out at our downtown ministry center. Kate, Hector and Roberto played games with the boys, read stories, taught Bible lessons and verse memorization. The kids must wash their hands and brush their teeth and are learning to appreciate the structure in an otherwise unstructured life.

IMG_3242Each day Elsa cooks a hot meal for the boys. They all pray, eat two or three plates and say “thank you mother” when they are done. The boys are then required to clean their area and wash their plates.

Some of the boys have parents at home, but because of the dire poverty the kids work on the street. In an effort to help the families take care of their own kids, Kate is training several of the moms to create bracelets and anklets. The women budget their money, buy their supplies and split the profits. Instead of a handout they are learning a skill.

This ministry has grown rapidly and God is blessing these kids. Pray for the kids and for those who serve them.

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