Constructing Our Medical Clinic

IMG_3219Our medical clinic in Armenia Bonito is racing towards completion. We have been constructing it for almost a year and the finish line is approaching. The clinic’s doors are almost ready to be open and serve some of the poorest people in Honduras. There is not a medical clinic within walking distance of Armenia Bonito and the residence currently take lengthy and expensive bus trips into town to receive treatment.

Our teammate John has been working daily with our Honduran workers. The clinic now has electricity and is ready to power the lights, fans and computers. This was a major undertaking but it has worked out beautifully.

IMG_3282Erin and Dr. Roger have been working with our attorney to meet government requirements and receive final government approval to open the doors. They’ve been working on Dr. Roger’s contract, evacuation plans, an online patient record system and many other government mandates.

Lots of woodworking has been taking place. The workers are handcrafting counter tops and storage units for each of the exam rooms. The units will be complete with government mandated locks and sinks. The next step in woodworking is constructing storage shelves to place all the medicines in the pharmacy.

Please be in prayer for our team, our workers and our attorney.