Scholarship Kids For 2013

This is the forth year we have offered scholarships for Honduran kids to attend high school. This is a big deal for these kids. Not many poor Hondurans get to attend high school.

In Honduras all high schools are private. The family has to pay for tuition, books, materials, transportation and uniforms. But, the average person in Honduras makes only $3,200/year. Most parents are forced to decide if they are going to buy rice and beans for their kids or pay for school. Because of that less than 1/3rd of Hondurans attend school beyond the sixth grade.

IMG_3299By offering scholarships to these kids we are providing more than education. These kids receive hope, which is in short supply among Honduran teens. This year we have increased the number of scholarship kids to nine. On Saturday our teammate Kathy, who runs the program, had a meeting with all nine kids and their parents in order to set the guidelines for the year.

With the finances we receive from U.S. supporters we pay for school supplies, uniforms, bus transportation, tuition and tutoring (if needed). We require each kid to attend a weekly, one-hour bible study/discipleship taught by our team. We also require each kid to put in a little time each week volunteering their community.

The school year in Honduras runs from February to November each year. Our nine scholarship kids are about to begin school. We ask that you pray for them. If you’d like to learn more about the program send Mike an e-mail.