Pastor Of Our New Church Plant

IMG_3193At the first of the year we launched our new church plant in Armenia Bonito, outside of La Ceiba, Honduras. This is the first church planted within the Presbyterian Church in Honduras. The Pastor of our new church plant is Jesús Caseres. Jesús, is 35-years-old and he and his wife have four children. While Jesús was born and raised in Armenia Bonito, he spent the last six years pastoring churches in other parts of Honduras.

Pastor Caseres has completed six years of schooling, which is typical in Honduras. He has no formal theological training, but he is knowledgeable of Scripture. Jesús has spent the last 10-years serving as the Pastor or Co-Pastor of various churches.

He is a veracious reader and is devouring the Spanish theology books we have been providing him. His favorites are Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon and John Piper. Many times he preaches directly from the notes in the MacArthur Study Bible we gave him on his first day.

Jesús has a great heart for Armenia Bonito and spends hours each day visiting the homes of his neighbors in the community. Click HERE if you would like to watch a short video with an interview of Pastor Jesús.