Trinity Starting Well

The short-term mission team from Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA has had an active first couple of days.

On Sunday morning we all had Gringo Church at the Pettengill home. Pastor Mike from Trinity administered communion for us all. It was the first communion for many of us since August. In the afternoon we took a tour of La Ceiba and then settled back for a Super Bowl party with lots of great food.

IMG_3441Both Sunday and Monday we spent two visits and a total of 2 ½ hours convincing the customs agent in the La Ceiba airport to release Dr. Greg’s ultrasound machine to us. Following lots of sweet talk and praying the ultrasound was released to us midday Monday. Within an hour the ultrasound was in use at a medical clinic in La Fe. The ultrasound helped Dr. Greg identify two complicated pregnancies. Had those women gone undiagnosed, the lives of both women and their babies would have been lost. Praise God for releasing the ultrasound when he did.

IMG_3477On Monday the rest of the Trinity team divided their time between doing construction work on our downtown property and helping to teach an English class in Armenia Bonito. At the English class the team helped with pronunciation practice for the 31 students and then helped to administer the oral exams at the end of class.

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