Our Medical Clinic Is Approved

DSC01933Since June of 2011 our team have been constructing a medical clinic in the rural community of Armenia Bonito. This 3, 000-person community, outside of La Ceiba, Honduras, has never had a medical clinic within walking distance. All that is about to change. On Friday the Honduran government granted approval for our medical clinic to open its doors and provide care. On February 21st we will host our Grand Opening of the new medical clinic.

DSC01335This past Wednesday and Thursday Erin, Dr. Roger, Erin’s dad and the Clows all went out to clean the clinic and set it up for the inspection. They spent over 10 hours organizing the clinic and making it look pretty after all the construction. On Thursday we received notification from the Honduran government that their inspectors would not be coming to look at the clinic because, “Armenia Bonito is too dangerous.” On Friday, after a couple of meetings and paperwork we were given our license to open the clinic.

Next week the clinic will be open daily to provide God’s mercy and grace to the community. To see a short video tour of our new clinic click HERE.