Book Review: The Unquenchable Flame

FlameMichael Reeves holds a Ph.D. from King’s College and was a minister at All Souls Church in central London. He is theological advisor for Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, a charity supporting evangelism in higher education. This is one of five theology books Reeves has written.

This book is an introduction to the Protestant Reformation. Reeves brings to life Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and other players in the Reformation. The central figures of the Reformation are some of the most daring and influential souls of the past thousand years. The author gives us a glimpse of the roles they played in a historical movement that altered the worship of Christ, even to this day.

At 208 pages this book is not all encompassing or amazingly thorough, nor is it intended to be. This book is factual and informative and is a wonderful primer for the actors of the Reformation and the battles they faced. The author provides a historical background and then dedicates a chapter each to Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Britain and the Puritans.

The passion and storytelling Reeves exudes is contagious. He describes the historical background of the Reformation and unties the significant parts that led to the Protestant church. Reeves clears up some common misconceptions and clarifies confusing topics. The author is excited and eager to share his passion for the period and the key figures. His interest is infectious.

This is a wonderful introductory book to wet the readers appetite for more on the Reformation. While it is an introductory work it is not sophomoric or unsophisticated. It is a great book for all levels of Christian historians and theologians.