Wedding In Honduras

IMG_0112On Saturday our teammate Shannon Innes married Lesther Ordones in La Ceiba, Honduras. Shannon and Lesther had a beautiful wedding. Several dozens of Shannon’s friends and family flew in from the U.S. to join several dozens of Lesther’s friends and family to have a truly bilingual, multicultural wedding. The service was officiated by Jerry McFarland, the PCA pastor of Shannon’s home church, Peace Presbyterian Church.

girls (1)Nearly every member of our mission team played a role in the wedding, doing our part to ensure a beautiful ceremony. The wedding and the reception were held on a beachfront hotel in La Ceiba. Both families were beaming with pride and enjoyed the bilingual, Christ-centered service.

Following their honeymoon Shannon will continue her ministry to single Honduran mothers within our mission team. We look forward to welcoming Lesther onto our team as a friend and brother in Christ.

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  1. ummmm, should we mention that leather doesn’t LOOK like he’s beaming with pride in that picture? but, we promise, he really is!

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