First Team Honduras Men’s Retreat

IMG_3891This past weekend the six men of Team Honduras held the first ever men’s retreat here in Honduras. Mike P., John, Mike T. and James were joined by Adam (currently studying Spanish in Costa Rica) and Seth (currently raising support in the US).

The six guys studied Scripture, prayed together and spent quality time getting to better know one another. Mike prepared and led four Bible studies through the book of Jonah. These studies were centered on man’s rebellion against God’s will and how we, as his servants, need to bend our focus to match that of God. We spent time each day in groups of two discussing issues and praying for each other.

It was a wonderful time to come together and discuss our hearts and our future plans for our ministries. This was the first time some of our future teammates have met. We pray our men’s retreat will go a long way toward promoting solidarity and unity of purpose.