New Facebook Page


Our family has launched a new ministry page on Facebook. Pettengills In Honduras went live last week. We will soon be moving all of our regular Facebook ministry communications from our personal Facebook pages to Pettengills In Honduras. If you are a Facebook user and you would like to keep up with our ministry please LIKE the Pettengills In Honduras page.

face (1)Never fear…if you prefer to get your Honduras ministry updates via our blogs, RSS feed, Twitter, YouTube or monthly newsletters that will not change. We are simply streamlining our Facebook presence. We will use our personal Facebook accounts (Mike and Erin) for…well…personal stuff and all ministry related topics will be posted to the Pettengills In Honduras page.

Why is this so important? Facebook has 1.06 billion users around the world. And, 618 million people access Facebook every day. If you are not a Facebook user, don’t sweat it, nothing will change for you.