Back To School Daze

The last time Mike and Erin were taking classes at the same time was 1991. Now, 22 years later, Mike and Erin are back in school. Both are taking online courses and working towards master’s degrees that are very applicable to our ministry here in Honduras.

rtsMike has completed eight courses via Reformed Theological Seminary and is slowly working towards a seminary degree. With very few exceptions Mike has found that what he is studying is directly and instantly applicable to our ministry. He is currently registered in Hebrew II. Mike, who already has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, soon hopes to be a living and breathing violation of the separation of church and state.

lluErin is seeking a degree in Population Medicine via Loma Linda University. This degree seems to be made for Erin’s ministry. She will be learning how to administer a public health program in a community setting. Erin, who is already a Registered Nurse and has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, just started her first class.

The ability to take all of our courses online and not leave Honduras or put our ministry on hold is amazing. The ability to immediately apply what we learn to our ministry is a true blessing from God.