Latin America Reorganization

IMG_4136On Wednesday and Thursday Mike was in the MTW home office in Georgia for a two-day meeting with a group of other MTW Latin America missionaries. In conjunction with our leadership team we were starting the process of an evaluation and reorganization of the way MTW does missions in Latin America.

The group spent two full days creating a system by which we can evaluate what is going right and what is not working in our missions efforts. The Reorganization Team left the meeting to return back to their countries of ministry energized. One of the team’s primary functions over the next four months will be to personally interview every MTW missionary in Latin America…that is over 150 people.

IMG_4137The goal of this process will be to gather usable data from the people in the trenches and use that information to expand what is working and fix what isn’t. This is simply the beginning of the process. It will be long and involved, but in the end we will prayerfully see greater glory for God on the mission field.

Mike and the other missionaries are humbled and excited to be involved.