Gringo Church For Team Honduras

Every Sunday morning the members of Team Honduras gather at the Pettengill home for what we call Gringo Church. It is a time where we feed our souls in our heart-language. Gringo Church is a mini-church service in English. We sing, pray and study all in English.

IMG_4147Our team loves Honduras and the Honduran culture. We all worship at a local Honduran church in Spanish. But, when you are spiritually malnourished there is nothing like singing songs you know, praying in your mother-tongue and studying how you remember back home. This is not our time to run away from Honduras, but to run to God.

The Lord has blessed our team with a large group of amazing singers and musicians. Each Sunday they pick songs that really touch our hearts and lead us in worship of our Father. Our teammate John leads our team in prayer. We are very open and transparent and pour out our hearts to each other.

IMG_4146Our study is lead each week by Mike. He is leading the kids through the Westminster Shorter Catechism and he delivers an original message each week for the adults. Currently Mike is taking our team through the Historical books of the Bible. We went through Judges and now we are taking four weeks to go through Ruth. Next up, we will go through 1 Samuel.

Please pray our team receives benefit from both worship in Gringo Church and Honduran church.