Bringing Bible To The Youth

IMG_4164On Tuesday we hosted our two weekly Kids Club meetings in Armenia Bonito. In the early afternoon we taught 40+ younger kids and after that we taught 40+ older kids. Each week these kids receive age-appropriate biblical teaching.

This week the kids received instruction on Numbers 23:19. They were taught and tested on the catechism question, “What does God permit?” They watched a skit about Abraham taking his son Isaac to the alter to sacrifice him in obedience to God. For a craft they created a flip-book that displayed the attributes of God. And, of course, they played a fun game.

IMG_4161Pastor Jesús, the pastor for our church plant in Armenia Bonito, helped at both Kids Clubs. He continues to build relations with some of the kids. In fact, 3 of the 4 teenagers he baptized last Sunday were at this Kids Club.

The depth at which these kids are willing to study the Bible is amazing. The more substantive the studies the more they rise to the occasion. They thrive on the deep, quality studies they are receiving. Pastor Jesús and other adults in the community frequently comment on how biblically knowledgeable these kids are compared to other kids in La Ceiba. Pastor Jesús even told Mike a story about how one of his newer congregants told him that she had been reviewing the Kids Club materials with her kids when they got home and has been “learning more then at any church I ever attended.”