Update On Our High School In Honduras

IMG_4216For over two-years we have been constructing our two-story, six-room high school in the 3,000-person community of Armenia Bonito. When completed this high school will provide a bilingual, Christian education with a heavy emphasis on computers. Lord willing we will open the doors of the school at the beginning of the next school year in February of 2014. There is no high school within walking distance of this super-poor community.

In the past six-months we have been aggressively building to meet that deadline. Our Honduran workforce has even been doubled to try and speed up construction.

IMG_4226Recently we have seen some amazing work being completed on the school. All of the tile has been installed throughout the building. Inside, outside and even the time consuming stairways have all been tiled and grouted. Cutting and welding has begun on the custom doors throughout the school. The doors will be very secure, yet will still provide a breeze to pass through the classrooms.

The metal roof is going up on the large open-air gazebo. This will provide students and teachers with a cool, shaded place to sit outside the classroom.

IMG_4227The electrical wiring is being installed throughout the school. The ceiling is being installed and in some rooms has already been finished and primed and is ready for paint. Some of the walls inside the school have been textured and primed as well.

Some of our Honduran workers are doing incredible woodwork to provide custom, handmade desks for the school. These items are beautiful and save lots money.

Please be in prayer that our Lord will provide all the finances needed to get the school open and that he will keep our workers healthy and on schedule.