Chillin’ In The Shade

Our team and our Honduran workers continue to race forward on the construction of our high school in the middle of Armenia Bonito. As many of you have heard from us in the past, it gets amazingly hot in La Ceiba, Honduras. In fact, it gets hotter in La Ceiba than anywhere else we have been on God’s beautiful blue/green planet.

IMG_4197Many of the high schools in Honduras are constructed on a tight budget (like ours) and very little attention is given to amenities or creature comforts for the students and teachers. We are trying to build our school with a focus on creating a place that is well thought out, functional and a place that is enjoyable to visit.

Our shade gazebo is a perfect example. This is an open air and shady place that will provide protection from rain and will provide a cool place for students to sit and allow teachers to host a IMG_4281class outside on a hot day. Located just a few feet from our high school, the structure is not something that exists in most Honduran schools. It is the little touches like this that will separate our high school from the others.

Our short-term mission teams started the construction of this gazebo last summer. Our workers continued the mason work and a local welder just completed the roof. This has been a true collaborative effort to provide a little joy for the future students and teachers of our high school.