Full House

IMG_4166Last week we moved a new girl and her baby into Puerta de Esperanza (Door of Hope), our home for teenage moms and their babies here in La Cieba. Puerta de Esperanza (PDE) is run by our teammates Shannon and Jennifer and two Honduran ladies. PDE is now full with four girls and their four babies. These are teenagers who would otherwise be involved in abuse, prostitution or living on the streets.

Our new 16-year-old mom and her six-month-old baby previously lived in Armenia Bonito, where our family serves. She has been a frequent participant in our ministry activities over the years. The mother of the teenage mom has six children and makes only $25 a week and simply can’t afford to take care of these two.

Our new girl is very inexperienced and only has a first grade education. The other girls in the home are helping her in childrearing and the leaders of PDE are tutoring her to prepare her for the second grade.

Praise God for the blessings these two will receive.