First Mission Teams Of Summer 2013

IMG_4431On Saturday we received our first two short-term summer mission teams of 2013. These are our first two teams of 10 this summer. The two teams combined consist of 26 people. Together the group has five Registered Nurses and two Doctors. With the heavy medical contingency we will host three medical clinics and one health education day.

One team is from Trinity Presbyterian in Pennsylvania. This team consist of 15 participants. Trinity is a frequent visitor to Honduras. This is Trinity’s 10th visit to work by our side in La Ceiba.

IMG_4432The other team is from Grace Community of Alabama. They have 11 people on their team and they have also been to Honduras frequently. This is Grace’s sixth visit to work with us in La Ceiba.

These two teams are very special to us and we look forward to working with them in our two communities of La Fe and Armenia Bonito.

If you would like to keep up with what Grace and Trinity are up to this week keep checking back to this blog or follow us on Twitter.