Happy Five Years In Honduras

100_6354June 25th is the fifth anniversary of our family arriving in Honduras. On June 25, 2008 the three of us stepped off of the plane onto the incredibly humid tarmac of the La Ceiba airport. Only one of our 18 bags arrived with us and we didn’t get the rest until two days later. Nobody was there to greet us at the airport, we had nowhere to live and we didn’t know our way around. It was a strange combination of scary and fun.

We had no real idea where we were going to serve or even what kind of ministry we would be doing. But, we knew that our family of three was together and we were exactly where God wanted us to be.

IMG_9429_2Now, five years later, we are still in La Ceiba. So many changes have occurred and our ministry has evolved. The ministry our family is doing now is very different than what we thought it would be doing five years ago.

We now have a fulltime team of 14 adult missionaries, who have 10 kids living with them. We have more Hondurans on our staff than we do gringos. In five years we have planted a church, built a medical clinic, opened a home for teenage moms, started a homeless kids program, built houses, fed the poor, clothed the naked, taught the Bible, discipled believers & so much more.

The Pettengill family is looking forward to the next five years in Honduras. We are thrilled that many of you will continue to join us via prayer and financial support.