Health Fair In Armenia Bonito

IMG_4559One of the long-term priorities we have had since the day we stepped foot in Armenia Bonito was to provide health education. If you can change a culture from within you can eliminate countless health problems. Changing a culture of bad health habits can increase quality of life and decrease health care costs.

Last week, with the help of our short-term mission teams, we hosted a health education fair. It was attended by 70 adults and 60 kindergarten aged kids. Pastor Jesús started the event off with prayer. We taught classes on hand washing, teeth brushing, high blood pressure, breast exams and parasites.

IMG_4548These simple, yet important, health topics have the ability to drastically improve the quality of life in Armenia Bonito. By repeatedly stressing the importance of these issues we hope to see a long-term reduction in some easily preventable illnesses.

Please pray that as we enter our fifth year of stressing health education that the culture will change and the quality of life will improve.