New Addition To Our Family

IMG_4571Today we welcome two-year-old Elias into our home. For the next six months our family will serve as his primary caregivers. Until January 1st, 2014 this incredible Honduran boy will be in our care and sleep in our home. We couldn’t be more excited to care for this wonderful boy.

Elias was first introduced to us when he and his mom moved into our home for single moms back in March of 2012. When he and his mom moved into Puerta de Esperanza, our teammate Shannon, with the help of many doctors, quickly learned Elias’ mom was not fit to care for him.

IMG_4533In October of 2012 Elias’ mom voluntarily signed over legal custody of Elias to our teammates John and Kathy Clow. However, as is the case with all MTW missionaries, the Clows must now return to the US for furlough. The US government refused to grant Elias a visa to travel to the US with the Clows. On July 2nd the Clows begin their six-month furlough and Elias will be in our home during that time. Erin and Mike will assume temporary care for Elias while the Clows are in the US.

We are thrilled to have the privilege of caring for this wonderful boy, and simultaneously sad for him and the Clows as they are separated for six months. Elias will be loved and cared for like he is our own son.

Pray for Elias and the Clows as they separate. Pray for Elias’ mom and her health. And pray we can honor God with our rusty toddler parenting skills.