Pettengill App Updated

IMG_4588The revised “Pettengills In Honduras” app in now available. It is FREE to download for your iPhone, iPad and Android. Version 1.1 includes several bug fixes and better functionality.

With this all-in-one, easy to access app you can receive Mike’s blog, Erin’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, pictures, news and more. You do not even need YouTube, Facebook or Twitter accounts to get this information. It will all show up automatically on your smartphone or tablet when you access the app.

Our original app was launched back in April. Since then it has been downloaded over 200 times in 20 countries, including China, Kuwait, Turkey, Israel, Georgia, Croatia, Guinea and Morocco. We never anticipated our app would reach so many people in so many places.

Using our app on your smartphone or tablet guarantees you are getting the most updated information about God’s work in Honduras. Using the “Pettengills In Honduras” saves time and allows you to be more connected.

Download your free iPad or iPhone app HERE and download your free Android app HERE.