Book Review: Transformational Discipleship

TransformationalThe three authors are all part of LifeWay. Eric Geiger is the vice president of Church Resources, Michael Kelley is the director of Discipleship and Philip Nation is director of Ministry Development. All three men have written previous popular Christian books.

At the heart of this book is the transformational power of the gospel. As believers are discipled in the Word the power of transformation in Christ is at their disposal. This is not simply the ability to change bad habits of their lives, but the ability to alter their hearts. The authors unite biblical analyses and examination of teaching and training methods to show the readers the great blessings and faith altering power of discipleship.

During his earthly ministry, Jesus made some of his most memorable and impactful advances, not when he was speaking to large crowds, but when he was discipling a handful. The authors stress the deep influence one-on-one discipleship has in Christians. We grow and deepen our relationship with Christ when another believer loves Jesus enough to train us and shepherd our growth.

The authors tell us the end result of discipleship is not merely the knowledge of all Jesus commanded but the obedience to all Jesus commanded. Churches that are transformational in discipleship help people encounter Jesus as Lord and not merely as Rabbi. The supreme proof of a true conversion is holy affections, zeal for holy things, longings after God, longings after holiness, desires for purity. The book centers on using discipleship to leave behind shallow Christianity and instead go deeper with our saving faith in Christ.

This is a wonderful book for personal use or as a group study. The content and style of the book are easily digestible and helps to educate and spur greater interest in the topic. Discipleship is a biblically emphasized and underutilized method for spiritual growth and maturity. This book hits a home run on this important topic.