Covenant Presbyterian Bringing It To A Close

The nine-person team of Covenant Presbyterian from Paso Robles, CA continued to serve well in the community of Armenia Bonito.

IMG_4794On Wednesday the team experienced another schizophrenic weather day. In the morning it was very hot and in the afternoon it poured rain. In the morning the team worked at our downtown ministry center. They dug trenches for the foundation of our future medical clinic. At midday they played board games and had lunch with the boys from our StreetChild ministry. In the afternoon the group went out to Armenia Bonito and took the kids to the river for a rainy afternoon of swimming.

IMG_4822On Thursday the team split up in the morning. Some continued work on the house and some worked in the medical clinic. In the afternoon the team toured the community and spent some time with the kids. In the evening, after dinner out at a restaurant, the team played a little indoor soccer.

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