Building Homes And Building Relationships

Houston Lake Presbyterian of Kathleen, GA and Phoenix United Reformed (PURC) of Phoenix, AZ have been serving with us since Saturday. With a combined 26 short-term missionaries our ministries are truly blessed.

IMG_4871On Sunday the two teams joined us for Gringo Church where Mike continued our study through 1 Samuel. The groups then went on a guided tour of La Ceiba. Erin then took the whole crew through a three-hour child sexual abuse prevention training. In the afternoon we all enjoyed Honduran church. After dinner Mike provided a devotional on missions.

On Monday PURC went to the community of La Fe. They helped to construct a new house for a supper poor family. They also helped put on a medical clinic in the community.

IMG_4862Houston Lake went to Armenia Bonito. In the morning they did construction work on a new home as well as work on our ministry center. In the afternoon the team helped teach an ESL class to 35 students.

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