Full House In Armenia Bonito

On our two-acre ministry center in Armenia Bonito there sits our indoor soccer field. It is the size of a basketball court, has industrial lights and a roof to protect from the rain and sun. We built the structure not only to play soccer, but also to be used as a community center for the 3,000 residents of Armenia Bonito.

SAM_0066 (1)Recently the local churches in Armenia Bonito organized a community-wide social event to be held on our soccer field. Nearly 500 people attend this talent show. Neighbors came together to sing, dance and play music. The community gathered together to laugh and socialize and have a good time.

One of our favorite parts about the whole thing is that the event was completely organic. It wasn’t our idea. We didn’t organize it. We didn’t even suggest it. The community did all the work and simply asked if they could use the facility. That may not seem like much, but it is a big deal to us. A step in the right direction.