Maddy Concludes Mission Trip To Colombia

On Saturday our 17-year-old daughter Maddy will return home to Honduras and conclude a two-week, solo mission trip to Bogotá, Colombia. While in Colombia she served with the Lupton Family and the rest of the MTW mission team serving there.

IMG_4797 (1)She spent the bulk of her time in a super poor community called Suba. In her first week her primary focus was helping the kids of the community with their schoolwork. She used her Spanish and God’s grace to tutor the kids and help them with homework.

Maddy’s second week was focused teaching at an English camp. She helped teach several hundred kids during seven daily classes.

Maddy, who is a passionate artist, drew several dozen personalized sketches for kids. This helped her to build relationships with some of the hard to reach kids. She also had the opportunity to translate two sermons into Spanish.

This is Maddy’s third solo mission trip in three summers (New York, Belize and Colombia). We our thrilled our girl has a heart to serve and even more thrilled to know she is coming home to us.