Our Second Church Plant In Honduras

IMG_5055Pastor Israel Gonzales is the newest pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Honduras. Pastor Israel is our second church-planting pastor in La Ceiba, Honduras. He will work towards starting our second Presbyterian church in Honduras.

Israel held his first Bible study in the community of Danto. The study took place in a hair salon. Thirty people attended. He is now planning Saturday night youth meetings and Sunday afternoon Bible studies. The prayer is that this will rapidly grow into a full fledged church.

Israel is 43-years-old and has seven kids living in his simple home. He and his wife live just outside of downtown La Ceiba. Israel hopes to start his church near the downtown area.

IMG_5058Pastor Israel has worked as a co-pastor and an evangelist for many yeas. He is excited to work with our denomination and looks forward to growing. Our commitment to him includes providing theological books and basic resources.

Some of the Reformed theological beliefs are new to Pastor Israel. He is excited to study and go deeper with his theology. Mike will meet with him weekly for discipleship.

Please be in prayer for Pastor Israel as he is eager to begin our second church.