Update On Our School In Armenia Bonito

Three years ago we started construction on a high school on our property in Armenia Bonito. Due to lack of funding it has taken a while, but we are now racing to finish the school. Our goal is to have the school completely constructed by the end of 2013 and to open it for business at the beginning of the next school year (February of 2014).

IMG_5280As we sprint forward towards the completion of our high school our Honduran laborers are doing amazing work. All the paint has been purchased to paint the inside and outside of the school. Our workers have started painting all the walls and ceilings and some of the trim. The levolor windows and security windows are being installed and all the floor tile has been installed.

Outside the building there is also much work being done. The concrete in the courtyard has been poured IMG_5281and our workers are creating planter boxes with bench seats. The welders are finishing the work on all the doors and on the walls for the indoor soccer field. Sixty trees have been ordered and will be planted soon.

We have all the money we need to complete construction of the high school. We now need to raise the money needed to hire the teachers and run the school. Please pray we can complete all the construction and government requirements to open the school on time, and pray we can raise all the money needed to operate the school.