Book Review: Facing Terror

facingCarrie McDonnall served in Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries with the International Mission Board. While serving she met and married David who was also a missionary to the Middle East. They served together in Iraq doing humanitarian work until they and their friends were gunned down in March 2004.

Carrie and David were serving separately in the Middle East. They met, developed a friendship, fell in love and got married. After their marriage they returned to the serve together in the Islamic world. The book opens with the two of them serving in Iraq. They were in a car with others when they were assaulted with a rain of automatic gunfire. Their friends were killed and Carrie was critically wounded. David was mortally wounded, but before he died he ensured Carrie was out of danger and receiving medical care.

The love story that these two had for each other and Jesus was as heartwarming as it was bizarre. They had a strong love affair and great passion for serving Christ. They sacrificed comfort and security in order to share their faith with practitioners of Islam. They did all this during one of the most confusing and volatile periods in the history of Muslim/Western relations; just before and just after September 11, 2001.

The book is not eloquently written, but the story tells itself. Carrie and David paid the ultimate price to serve their Lord and show his grace and mercy to a people hostile to the West and to Christianity. Carrie and David lived in poverty and under extremely difficult circumstances, but they loved to serve.

Post 9/11 this story was big news. For weeks it was covered by international media outlets that wanted to sensationalize the story to exemplify US/Middle East relations. But, above the geopolitical implications soars the compassion of Christ. This story was about the obedience of two Christian servants and the love of their Savior. Carrie and David were able to serve and sacrifice only through the strength given them by Jesus.