Day Of The Children In Armenia Bonito

IMG_5328In Honduras the Day of The Children is celebrated every year on September 10th. This is a huge day across the country. Schools, families, businesses and municipalities put on special events to honor and spoil the kids. On Tuesday we hosted a two-hour celebration for over 120 kids at our ministry center in Honduras.

Erin, Mike, Madison, James, Pastor Jesús, and Casandra (Jesús’ wife) all helped to put on the event. Our weekly Kids Club program was put on hold to dedicate all our resources to this special event.

IMG_5330Our party was a different one with lots of resources dedicated to honoring the local kids and a focus on the gospel. Games were organized for the kids including tug-of-war, beanbag toss, mummy wrap, crab soccer, water balloon fight and a racing game. In the middle of the event we gathered the kids together and Pastor Jesús prayed with the kids, gave them an evangelism message and told the newcomers about our weekly Kids Club. At the end of the event the kids all received a plate of junk food, an ice cream and a gift.

IMG_5313In a country that boasts the highest murder rate in the world and the 2nd poorest economy in the western hemisphere there is seldom much to celebrate for kids. Most of their families are not intact and their future doesn’t hold much promise.

Please be in prayer for these children as we continue to infuse into their lives the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.