Building Skills And Relationships With English

IMG_4994On Monday we taught our weekly English class in Armenia Bonito. Thirty students, young and old, attended. Our weekly English classes are a wonderful way for the students to learn a skill and set themselves apart in the job market. The Honduran unemployment rate continues to hover near 30%. This means that competition for even the most menial job is high. Any skill a person has that will set them apart from other applicants is beneficial and speaking English is a coveted ability.

For us, the teachers, we are afforded the opportunity to IMG_5374benefit the students. But, we are also given the chance to build and strengthen dozens of relationships. As we spend time with the students we earn the right dive into their personal lives. Our familiarity with the students affords us opportunities to have personal discussions on life, future and faith.

This week we studied the days of the week, months of the year, questions (who, what, when, etc.) and we worked on reading John 4:46-54. Each student took an oral exam after class.