Halfway With Elias

Elias 2As most of you know by now we are taking care of Elias. Elias is a 2 ½ year old Honduran boy who is living in our home for six months. It is shocking to us, but Elias’ time with us is half way over. He came into our home on July 1st and he will leave on December 31st.

Elias was first introduced to us when he and his mom moved into our home for single moms back in March of 2012. When he and his mom moved into Puerta de Esperanza, our teammate Shannon, with the help of many doctors, quickly learned Elias’ mom was not fit to care for him. His mom voluntarily signed him over to our teammates the Clows. When they left for their six-month furlough we were blessed with Elias in our home. He will move back in with the Clows when they return to Honduras.

Elias 1So much has happened in only three months. He is now sleeping in a big boy bed and has graduated from his sippy cup. He calls Mike, Chino (long story) and Erin is Ms. Erin. He loves Maddy and enjoys bossing our two Rottweilers around. He is a friend to everyone. He does not get separation anxiety, seldom cries, eats anything and is not whinny. He loves to read and play cars.

We try to let him Skype with the Clows often and Mike takes him to spend time with his mom whenever she is able. Having spent the last year in two English speaking households, his primary language is English. But, he prefers Spanish cartoons and we speak to him often in Spanish.

Our time with Elias is temporary, but we love him very much and thank God for our time with him.