Two Days With Catalina Foothills Church

youthMike spent the past two days at Catalina Foothills Church (CFC) in Tucson, AZ. CFC is very active in missions and invited Mike to visit. Mike was afforded the opportunity to share our team’s work and talk about the medical/mercy ministries and church planting going on in La Ceiba, Honduras. This was not the first time we had shared our ministry with CFC, but it was the first time since before we left for the mission field in 2007.

On Tuesday Mike was with CFC from 8am to 8pm. In the morning he was afforded 15 minutes to share with the 100 ladies at the women’s study. Mike and Bruce, the CFC missions coordinator, shared lunch. In the afternoon Mike meattended the staff meeting and was given 10 minutes to share with the 12 staffers. In the early evening he met with the eight member missions committee and was provided 30 minutes to talk about our work. And, in the evening Mike attended the high school youth group and took 20 minutes to talk to kids about God’s work in Honduras. Mike was given an office from which to work and throughout the day 20 different staff members and ministry coordinators popped in to find out more about our work. It was a full day of sharing our ministry in Honduras.

On Wednesday morning Mike met with Pastor Roessler for breakfast and talked about our ministry in Honduras and CFC’s work worldwide. CFC will be prayerfully considering support our ministry. Please be in prayer they can discern God’s will as it relates to partnering with us.

On Thursday Mike is catching a flight out of Phoenix and is headed back to Honduras. It was a wonderful spin through Arizona, but it will be good to be home.