Building A High School In Honduras

The average Honduran only has 6.1 years of education and less than 1/3rd of the kids attend high school. Our goal is to have our school completely constructed by the end of 2013 and to be open for IMG_4004business for the next school year (February of 2014). If you’d like to watch a short video about the school go HERE.

Instead of buying lots of individual student desks we are having our Honduran workers build us student desks from scratch. We purchased the metal tubing and had a local man bend the desk frames. Our guys then welded them and painted them. They cut and stained the desktops and seats from wood. After they are all bolted together we will have saved several thousand dollars per classroom.

IMG_4016The primer has been applied to the interior and exterior of the building. Our workers are now adding the first coat of colored paint and are working on the trim. They are racing to finish the exterior paint before the rainy season kicks into full swing, and they are saving the interior paint for when the rain is really coming down.

We have all the money we need to complete construction of the high school. We now need to raise the money needed to hire the teachers and run the school. We need to raise $90,000 by the end of December in order to open the school in February. If you would like to make a onetime contribution via debit or credit card click HERE.