Drugs, Violence And Elections

Honduras is the murder capital of the world, and has been for five years running. More murders per capita occur in Honduras than any other country in the world. The bulk of the murders occur between rival gangs trying to establish drug-trading routes.

In addition the gangs have started extorting business owners, churches and schools that are perceived to have money. They are threatening violence and death against anyone who refuses to pay a “protection tax.” Hundreds of businesses, churches and schools in La Ceiba have been forced to close in 2013. The landscape is literally changing as dozens of landowners are demolishing the empty building that used to occupy the land.

The every-four-year elections are being held on November 24th. The President, congress and local officials will all be contested. In anticipation of increased violence the government last week deployed 1,000 military police in its two biggest cities to elevate the fight against organized crime. The police are seldom paid, the local public hospital has been closed and automatic gunfire is heard most nights.

Honduras is not a police state and it has not turned into the old west. But, fear is in the air and there is much talk about the possibility of the perfect storm being created by drugs, violence and elections.

Please be in prayer for our family, our ministry and the people we serve.