Nurse, Administrator, Fundraiser

photo 3Erin has been a Registered Nurse for 18 years. In her many years of college and her six years as Nurse Manger she learned lots about the human body and medicine. But, little prepared her to be the Administrator for our medical clinic Árbol de la Vida in the middle of the Honduran jungle.

Erin keeps the shelves stocked with medicine and supplies, much of which are used to treat illnesses we seldom worry about in the U.S. Erin studies injuries and treatments about which she previously knew nothing. She has lots of experience doing procedures she only read about and most U.S. doctors would refuse to attempt.

photo 1As the Administrator of the clinic Erin frequently works with construction workers, lawyers and government officials. She raises funds, manages the staff and pays the bills.

But, as a Christian, Erin frequently gets to share the love and mercy of Christ with broken and scared people. She shares the gospel and prays with desperate souls. And, in a country where medical professionals seldom show compassion or empathy, Erin can listen to heartache and hug her patients. With the recent shutdown of the local public hospital our clinic is seeing more patients than ever, and turning away more as well.

Many of Erin’s skills were not learned in nursing school or on her job in a U.S. hospital. Erin learned much of what she does on the job and pulled others directly from Scripture and God’s commands to us. Please pray as Erin stretches herself in the clinic she can plan well, God can raise sufficient funds and she can bring great glory to Christ.

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  1. Erin is such a blessing to so many hurting and needy people. Know that we are praying for her, for you, for your team and your ministry!

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