Dr. Roger In The U.S.

roger (1)Dr. Roger is the Honduran born, Cuban trained, physician who runs our medical clinic alongside Erin. From October 26th through November 2nd Roger is visiting the U.S.

Some dear friends of our ministry recently invited Roger to come to the U.S. to share our ministry. The U.S. Embassy granted Roger a visa and within two-weeks he boarded a plane for his first ever visit to the U.S.

Roger has a packed schedule and has been afforded the opportunity to share our ministry, teach classes and learn from U.S. physicians. This past Sunday Roger worshiped at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Durham, NC, where he shared our work in front of the congregation. He has also shared several meals with church leadership and staff.

rogpicHe is spending lots of time at UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill, NC. He is doing medical rounds in the hospital, teaching classes to medical students and he will present our ministry to the local chapter of the Christian Medical and Dental Association. He will also share meals numerous medical staff.

This is an amazing benefit for Dr. Roger and for our work in Honduras. He has been given a rare chance to teach and to learn. In addition God will receive great glory for the work being done in Honduras.