Latin American Redesign

For the past six-months Mike and Erin have been very involved in MTW’s efforts to redesign how missions is done in Latin America. This is an effort to expand what MTW missionaries are doing well in Latin America, as well as an effort to reduce what MTW missionaries are do poorly.

Back in May Mike attended a three-day meeting in Atlanta with other area missionaries and our MTW leadership. The purpose of the first meeting was to outline a process where we could listen to other missionaries, gather data and use that information to change missions in Latin America.

IMG_4057Over the summer Erin interviewed dozens of MTW missionaries who work in our region. She interviewed men and woman serving everywhere from Mexico to Chile. At the same time other members of the committee were interviewing numerous other missionaries. Over 100 missionaries provided their input.

On Sunday Mike returned from the Dominican Republic where the committee again met to process the data and brainstorm as to how we improve what is occurring in missions in Latin America.

IMG_4056Following four days of prayer, debate and discussion the committee has established a blueprint to redesign the mission process in our region. From leadership training, to communication, to missionary care we will soon role out a new internal matrix and prayerfully improve MTW missions work throughout Latin America.

It was a privilege for our family to participate in this process with others who are so passionate about God’s Great Commission in the Western Hemisphere.