Murder In Armenia Bonito

The 3,000 person community of Armenia Bonito is where our family has been serving daily for the past five and a half years. This is where our new medical clinic is and where our high school is scheduled to open in February.

Wednesday night Armenia Bonito suffered two more murders. That brings the total number of murders in Armenia Bonito to 10 since the beginning of August. Extrapolated out over a year that is a murder rate of 1,000 per 100,000. To put that in comparison, New Orleans, the most murderous city in the United States, each year, has an annual murder rate between 50 and 60 per 100,000.

The little country community of Armenia Bonito is paralyzed with fear. Few people go out after dark and many families are preventing their kids from going to school or playing soccer. Longtime residents are fleeing. Some are even abandoning their homes. Armenia Bonito is not normally a violent community. There have been more murders in the past four months, than there were in the previous five years.

Pray for the community. Pray or the gang that is inflicting the pain. And, pray for our team as we continue to labor daily in Armenia Bonito.

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  1. I pray that God will give all of you peace as you work in His fields. May the Lord watch over you, protect you, and bring you back safe and whole.

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