Almost Finished With Our High School

paintIn Armenia Bonito there is no high school within walking distance. Our goal is to have our school completely constructed by the end of 2013 and to be open for business for the next school year (February of 2014). If you’d like to watch a short video about the school go HERE.

It has been amazing to see our Honduran workers taking such pride in the smallest of details. They know they will be sending their own kids and their cousins to this high school. The craftsmanship they have shown has been amazing. The exterior paint work is complete. They have painted the gazebo, bathrooms and planter boxes.

libraryOur woodworkers have completed all the teacher desks and all off the student desks. They have now moved on to building the book shelves for the classes and library. They are cutting, sanding and staining all the wood on their own. Not only does it look amazing, but they are saving us lots of money.

Almost all the inside paint has been completed and now all the ceiling fans are being installed. The electrical work and wiring is all done and the guys did a great job. The office will have two fans and each of the classrooms has four fans to the keep the kids cool from the oppressive Honduran heat.

soccerThe chain link fencing around the indoor soccer field has all been welded to the metal tubing. The guys are now lifting them in place and securing them to make the field a true indoor sporting experience. The community is so excited about the indoor soccer field and has already planned a weeklong Christmas tournament to break-in the new facility.

We have all the money we need to complete construction of the high school, and it looks like we are going to make it in time. We now need to raise the money to hire the staff and run the school. We must raise $80,000 by the end of December in order to open the school in February. If you would like to make a onetime contribution via debit or credit card click HERE.