Discipling Three Pastors

pic 2Each Friday Mike dedicates his afternoon to discipling our three Honduran church planters. Jesús, Israel and Ovidio are the three Hondurans. Mike has been focusing mostly on Jesús and Israel, but now with Mike Troxell on furlough Ovidio has been included in the weekly mix. Each pastor receives a personal meeting and Mike’s undivided attention.

The discipling meetings with each pastor can last from 30 minutes to three hours. During their meetings they discus family relations, theology, church politics, preaching or anything the pastors wish to talk about. Usually Mike brings each pastor a new Spanish language theology book to add to their growing libraries.

photo 1Pastor Jesús, of Armenia Bonito, has been with us for almost a year and his meetings with Mike have been very beneficial to him and his church. They have discussed a huge range of topics. Their meetings have included tears, shouting, frustration, laughter and joy. Both Mike and Jesús have grown from the meetings.

Pastor Israel’s job description has recently changed. He went from being a church planter in the community of Danto, to being a church planting facilitator. Israel will begin working with several other Honduran pastors on behalf of the Presbyterian Church in Honduras. He will be educating, training and dicipling three to five pastoral candidates at a time.

OvidioPastor Ovidio, of La Fe, is building a small facility for meetings and studies. He has begun meeting several times a week with a small group of people with the hope of turning those studies into a church.

These discipleship meetings can be both frustrating and rewarding for Mike. They are providing great fruit and growth in our pastors and in turn for our churches.

Please pray for Mike, Jesús, Israel and Ovidio. Pray they can all grow in the grace and mercy of Christ.