Construction Starting On Our Church In La Fe

On Friday Mike had a weekly discipleship meeting with our newest Honduran church planting pastor. Pastor Ovidio was brought on board by Mike and Ashley Troxell, but while they are on furlough Mike P. will continue their work with Ovidio in the community of La Fe.

OvidioBefore discussing theology and music ministry Mike and Ovidio visited the site of Ovidio’s future church building. At 225 sq. ft. this structure will be meager by US standards. It will have crude wooden posts (already anchored into the ground) and will have no walls. The roof will be the important part as it will protect the congregants from the oppressive heat and the 130” of annual rainfall in La Ceiba. The roof will be a simple design with 2”x4” wood beams and a corrugated tin covering.

We are purchasing the materials for construction. Until then, Ovidio will continue to lead his 12-person study out of a neighbor’s home. They are meeting three days a week. Ovidio leads the studies and plays the guitar. He is actively looking for future church leaders from within the community of La Fe.

Please pray for our newest church plant in La Fe. Pray for pastor Ovidio and pray for wisdom as we continue to support and guide this new church.