Advent At Gringo Church

photo 2Advent is a wonderful observance of the anticipation and the preparing of our hearts for the commemoration of the birth of Christ. It helps us to focus on Christ during the Christmas season and not all the trappings that detract from his glory. Few churches or families in Honduras observe advent. Many evangelical churches in Honduras don’t observe advent because it “reminds them too much of the Catholic Church.”

As a way of keeping our hearts focused on Christ our mission team observes advent at our Gringo Church services that occur in English every Sunday morning. Our advent celebration is simple and not too different from those in US evangelical churches. It may sound odd to read this coming from missionaries, but it is important to help keep us focused on Christ. Sometimes our service and ministry becomes repetitive and redundant and it we occasionally find it hard to see Christ in it all. We also miss our home churches and friends and advent helps us to recall the joyous Christ-centered fellowship we miss so much.

photo 1In our weekly advent observances we have a different missionary or missionary family come to the front and read Scripture and that days advent passage from John Piper’s Good News of Great Joy. They then light the appropriate candle on the wreath. This all occurs in the middle of our weekly Gringo Church service.

Our entire team and their families participate in this celebration. It is a wonderful opportunity to remind us of home and to turn our hearts’ toward Christ.