Meet The New-New Director Of Our High School

You may recall back in October we introduced you to the Director of our new high school in Armenia Bonito, then last week our Director quit. Less than two-months before the scheduled opening of our high school we were left without any staff to run the school, register new students or teach classes.

teachersWe are pleased to introduce you to the new-new Director of our high school…and…our new Sub-Director…and…our new Secretary, too. The new Director is Maribel (on the left), the Sub-Director is Julile (on the right) and the new Secretary is Dania (not pictured). The Director and the Sub-Director are experienced teachers and administrators and are excited about the challenges of launching our new Christian high school. The Secretary is a resident of Armenia Bonito, with serviceable English and college education. The three ladies are officially on staff and are feverishly working to do the MANY things needed to open the school at the first of the school year in February. In addition to getting the school open and organizing everything, they will all teach classes.

The high school is 99% constructed and almost ready to begin receiving new students. However, we are sorely lacking the funds needed to pay our new staff, purchase computers, pay the electric bill, etc. Simply, we need $60,000 in the next 30 days, or else we are in danger of not opening the school for 2014. Please pray the Lord provides the funds. If you would like to make a contribution to help open our school you can give online with your debit/credit card by going HERE.