Christmas Gifts From Honduras

photo 2Each Christmas we create original ministry related gifts for our supporting churches and many of our individual supporters. We mail them out as a “thank you” for being such a big part of Team Honduras. In the past we have created and sent out calendars, cookbooks and more.

This year we mailed out a copy of the devotional called The Journey. This devotional includes 20 missions related devotions written by 20 different MTW missionaries serving around the world. It also contains high quality “transportation related” pictures missionaries have taken from around the globe.

photo 1Mike participated in the development of The Journey. One of the devotions was written by Mike and two of the photographs are from Team Honduras.

The Journey is visually beautiful and spiritually challenging. We mailed out 50 copies from Honduras to 50 supporters. If you would like to order copies of the devotional from MTW you can get yours HERE.