Bye Elias

EliasBack on July 1st Elias moved into our home. Elias is a three-year-old Honduran boy and was introduced to us when he and his mom moved into Puerta de Esperanza, our home of single teenage moms. Our teammates, the Clows, have legal custody of Elias. When the Clows started their six-month furlough in July they were prohibited by the US government from taking Elias with them. Elias moved into our home for six-months.

Our daughter is 17-years-old, so it had been a while since we had a toddler in our home. Our house was Elias’ fourth home in three years. Despite all the change he is surprisingly healthy and well adjusted. When Elias moved in with us he and Mike (who Elias calls “Chino”) gravitated toward each other and truly bonded.

On December 31st the Clows concluded their six-month furlough and returned home to Honduras. As planned, Elias has moved back in with the Clows. Their family is reunited and we couldn’t be happier for them. But, as can be expected, our family fell in love with Elias over the past six months and we miss him. The Clows only live three blocks away and we see them almost daily. We will continue to see Elias regularly and will get lots of chances to hang out.

Please pray for the Clows as they adjust back to life in Honduras. Pray for Elias as he adjusts back to life with the Clows. And, pray for us as we miss our little buddy.