Building Three Churches At Once

In 2013 we planted three Honduran run Presbyterian churches in La Ceiba, Honduras. It looks like the first few months of 2014 are will be all about helping to provide church buildings for those church plants.

photo 2For over a year pastor Jesús has been leading our first church plant in Armenia Bonito. That entire time they have been meeting several times a week on our indoor soccer field. Now, with the help of some friends in the US, we have all the money we need to build a brick and mortar church for them. Construction has begun on our two-acre property. The church will seat up to 100 congregants, will have a kitchen, storage area and an office for Jesús. Our teammate John has designed the building and our workers will do all the construction.

photo 1Pastor Israel began our 2nd church plant in the community of Danto. For months they have been meeting in a hair salon. They have just started renting a building that used to be a convenience store. The congregation has purchased paint and chairs and are renovating the inside and outside of the building. They plan on putting the three-room structure to good use – the main room will be for worship, the small room will be Isreal’s office and the third room will be use to sell snacks and drinks to the community to help pay the electric bill.

photo 3Our newest church plant is pastured by Ovidio in the community of La Fe. La Fe is one of the poorest communities in La Ceiba. Ovidio has received permission to build a small church on common land. He is starting the church by anchoring tree limbs into the ground for support beams. With 2”x4”s he has built a frame for the roof and is now hammering corrugated tin in place to protect he congregants from rain and heat. There will be no floor, walls or electricity to begin with. Over time they will add to the structure and make it more comfortable.

Three church buildings for three church plants. Please be in prayer that these buildings are completed without a problem and the congregations grow in size and gain deeper knowledge of the Lord’s grace.